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Re: Complaint about Verizon "Free Tablet" promotion


In August I went into my local Verizon store at the Turkey Creek shopping center in west Knoxville, Tennessee to upgrade my phone. No problems getting the Galaxy 5 as I knew exactly what I wanted. What I did NOT want was a 'free' tablet, but ended up walking out of the store with not just one but TWO 'free' tablets. I asked all the questions a person would/should when told "something too good to be true" like how much will I be paying for these 'free' tablets and how can you just give me 2 'free' tablets without some kind of catch. I was told in no uncertain terms, 'no, it's a promotion, you will not be charged, they will use your current data plan and you can use them wirelessly'. I asked the sales rep multiple times if I would ever have to pay, to which he answered 'NO' every time. I had absolutely NO intention of getting a tablet, much less 2 of them...yet after asking multiple times I was assured I would never pay for them as this was a 'promotion' I left the Verizon store with my new phone and 2 tablets.

As I'm sure most of you know, I apparently now have a 2 year contract with 2 new numbers for these unwanted tablets assigned to my account that cost me $10 per month! I spoke with Verizon and they have absolutely no intention of waiving the termination fee for these. The Verizon rep Kiesha even called my local store and had the manager Mr Cobbs call me a liar and that I am wrong for saying that one of his sales reps would ever lie or with-hold information in order to get a commissioned sale...good grief, seriously!?! Anyone who has worked in sales knows that's the 'used car salesman' approach but I see now that Verizon not only supports this but actually encourages it as evidenced by my local store. 

Kiesha apologized for Mr Cobbs statements and told me she knew sales reps do indeed with-hold information at times. At least she appears to be a caring, honest employee. She forwarded me to her Manager Ryan. He went through the prepared speeches a manager of his level goes through just as he does for every call he gets I guessing. I asked for his manager, I was told "I am the highest level you'll talk to on the phone tonight...My bosses don't talk on the phone to customers". He also suggested several times that I use the tablets and 'enjoy' them...I had already told him I never wanted them and did not want them!

Frustrating! Not listening to your 'customer'! I guess in my time with Verizon I've spent well over $5,000.00 and they are going to ship me over to their competition over this!?! The early termination fee for each tablet I was told is $160. Amazing considering I was lied to about them in the first place; and I can say without a doubt that the $160 ETF was NOT discussed during my 'enjoy' your 2 'free' tablets experience. I'm so disappointed in Verizon....