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Re: Can Verizon save the day?


I have backed up, restore to factory settings and setting up device as new. My career revolves around computing/mobile technology. Sat and explain the reoccuring issues to an apple family room specialist, and due to the warranty being expired, a replacement will cost me 150 dollars for them to give me a refurbised replacement device. I've had thisPhone for almost two entire years, if asking the company that i pay my phone service to for an upgrade is an inconvience, then customer service representatives would not have jobs. Im not demanding it, i just know that paying for an upgrade full price will add up, and paying the early termination fee could potentially be cheaper. I know this is all community based, but taking the time to come in here and lie about my service is just not what im trying to do. If spoken to their customer support reps, ive spoken to verizon store reps, all fairly polite but adamant that iphones can not be upgraded. 

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