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Re: Can Verizon save the day?


All 4 lines are iphones.

Mine is a 4s, and the rest are 4's.

I have contacted the manufacturer but im outside of their 1 year limited warranty, and they claim that battery issues are due to just my overall usage. The phone does not have accidental damage, i purchased my phone in Ocotber 2012. The biggest issue is email synchronization and battery lasting. I have two work email accounts, and a personal email. According to the tech support experts, data fetching is draining my battery significantly.The phone my wife has goes from 100% to 75 percent in around 10-15 minutes. It is smaller stuff, and definitely making me look as if im whining. I want to upgrade our phones, but if i already have a contract with you guys, i wanted to see if there are any possible "wow" factors to keeping me as a customer. I am fully aware of T-Mobile's incentive to dragging customer's over, but i like your service, and that hasn't been a complain. Really not asking for much here, i can me and my wife and upgrade, you guys have us locked with for another 2 years, with 4 phone lines. Ball back in your court...