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Re: Verzion on downhill slide


What they understand is that as of right now, because Verizon has a much better network, they can get away with things that they might not otherwise do. Case in point back tracking on phone subsidies, previously known as "New Every Two", for Unlimited Data customers. Verizon is the only carrier to pull this stunt on their "grandfathered" customers.

What I look forward to is ATT and Sprint finaly building out and upgrading their networks to the point where they equal and surpass Verizon's. ATT has 21 applications for new towers with three recently approved in my city, and this reflects the major push they are in the process of executing.. So they are well on their way to doing what they need  to do. Sprint will need more time, but they are also doing what they need to do and could have the greatest potential to turn the tables if they can build out and upgrade their network to take full advantage of their spectrum.