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Loosing Patience


When I started my service with Verizon 5 years ago, I was impressed with their level of customer service.  Recently, I hate, yes HATE their customer service and it is the main reason I am considering moving to another provider.

For instance, it is obvious that Verizon does not want to spend unnecessary money on providing customer service as there is not way to contact them with a message or e-mail.  Also, the only Chat sessions that actually connect to someone are in Sales.

About a month ago, they send an OS upgrade to my Razr phone.  It has been rendered into a extremely average device since then since it will no longer hold any of my personal settings.  While tech support is very cordial about my problem, they offer me a guess, a workaround, and recommend patience while they figure out the problem.  I'm guessing that all Verizon's best people have been summoned to the White House to fix the healthcare system.

I am angry with my service provider.  They do not want to solve my problem and seem quite happy that I just pay them each month.  Maybe I should stop paying my bill until they return my phone service to the level that I expect when I pay my bill.

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