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Re: customer service help?

I learned this the hard way -- my sons (ages 7 & 9) kept downloading games, not realizing they were costing $7 to $8 each (plus 6 were subscriptions).  Got my phone bill via email a few days & almost had a stroke -- $326 for 2 phones/lines!!  


Went online to check & see why in the world it was so high (it's usually around $150) and discovered that the 6 games that were subscriptions were still active (I had deleted them off my phone last month).  Plus they had downloaded roughly 20 games (I kept deleting the games and they'd download them again, without realizing I was being charged every single time).  


Called customer service & was told I'd have to go into the store to have the subscriptions taken off; went there earlier today, only to be told I'd have to call CS again as I had only deleted them, not unsubscribed from them (you'd think there wouldn't be any difference, but apparently there is).  Anyway, called CS, told them what my problem was and she not only unsubscribed me from the 5 I had deleted last month, but also had my account credited.  


Have informed my boys that if they wish to play games, they can do so on my COMPUTER but not my PHONE since the ones they play online thru my computer's internet connnection are FREE but the ones that were on the phone AREN'T FREE!


What kills me is that some of the games they had downloaded to my phone (and were racking up MB usage fees for, in addition to the cost of the games), they can & do play for free on the web via my computer!  That's NUTS to me!