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customer service help?


Can anyone recommend magic words to get a little traction with customer service (or perhaps a specific person to contact)?  Over the Thanksgiving weekend, a visiting nephew downloaded a bunch of Get It Now apps (games) on my husband's phone.  Because we never use those features, we were unaware of the data download until more than a month had passed.  So we had to pay for apps and data usage because we don't have a data plan.  We are 9-year dedicated Verizon customers, and we've never used data services.  These apps haven't been accessed since the day they were downloaded.   This is all verifiable, but the rep insists they're "legimate" charges, and is not prepared to waive the nearly $100 we've been charged for the dowloads and what is now 2 months of subscription fees.  Is there no reward for being faithful to this carrier?  Bad show, Verizon.


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