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Re: Customer Service Complaint

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Lindsey, First off I have been a customer of Verizon since before you were Verizon.  The first 5-7 years I NEVER needed any customer service and really only spoke to anyone when I would go upgrade my phones.  After that and right about the time the LG Dare came out, the CS in the stores went way down hill and the CS agents would start explaining features on the phones that did not exist and ultimately would talk down to people in the stores. I took my Dare in as it was having some issues. I brought it in turned off and spoke to the person claiming to be a tech representative. he looked at my phone for about 3 seconds and told me that it was working perfectly and there was nothing wrong with it. I called a Manager over and explained to the Manager what my issues were and the tech person again stated he looked at the phone and there was nothing wring with it. When I asked the tech person how he was able to determine that the phone worked perfectly fine when it was shut off and the battery was in my pocket he turned ghost white and stumbled over an answer.  But that was ages ago and I got over that one.

After that one and into my OG Droid. I had some issues with it and was advised I would get a replacement. I got not one but 2 replacements about a week apart from each other. the first one worked perfectly and my bad phone was returned to you and no issue there. The second one I refused the shipment at the CS agents request. Imaging my surprise when they added a charge of $499 to my bill because the one that was refused was supposedly Water Damaged. It only took 4 months and a complaint to The FTC to get that resolved.

There have been multiple other issues mostly on returns where you claim the phone never made it back (I had the signature) or the box was empty, or the wrong MEI number on it, or better yet the phone was damaged and then the pictures sent to me were of an iPhone and I have NEVER owned an iPhone.

Mostly though as I do understand the returns are done with contract companies, but when I am told by a CS Agent that someone will call me within 24-48 hours to resolve an issue, I expect a call back within 24-48 hours. In the past 5 years of being with Verizon, I was promised almost 35 calls back (mostly for the same issue) and ultimately got 1 single call back. To me that is terrible Customer Service and makes me feel like, you have me roped in to my contract because you know I am obligated to pay so you do NOT care about the Customer Service.

Now to be fair, I have had minor issues that have been resolved in a matter of minutes and have been provided excellent CS and within the last 6 months at that, but those are far and few between.,  I usually akin calling Verizon to having major dental work done (You need to do it but suffer all the way through). The only reason I am still with Verizon is a very selfish reason but a legitimate reason to stay. Verizon does have the best actual service in my part of the country so as long as I have no need to return my phone, I am pretty good. If there is a billing mistake it takes Verizon months to rectify it including sending someone to collection after double taking the payment from my checking account. When collections called it was a matter of minutes before it was sent back as overpaid, yet you would send it back to collections.  So imaging my surprise when someone from the collection agency found that the payment was applied to the wrong account, and NEVER removed the Collections from my credit report, and worse never credited back the over payment and the best Verizon would do is give me a $15.00 per month credit until the over payment was at a 0 balance.

I could go on and on but my experience is that when it comes to Verizon and based on your CEO's statements, you are MONEY hungry.  Your Share Everything Plan which was explained