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Customer Service Complaint


I've had an issue with a Verizon Customer Service Manager, Janet .  I don't know where to file a formal complaint.  I've already dropped that line from my account and will be dropping my other lines when the contract is up.  I was extremely professional and nice until she started making claims that I was using my phone that hasn't been activated since October.  I feel as if she takes so many angry customer calls that she didn't care to listen to my story, she came prepared to deny me of any help.  She tried very hard to get off the phone with me.  The worst part was when she denied the the $60 credit that the previous Customer Service Rep promised me.  I want to be able to get a transcript of that record with Aesha (the first CS rep) and find a place to send it so I can still get my credit.  Where in Verizon do they truly try to help resolve issues?  I'm sure she's put horrible things about me in the notes.  I'm an extremely professional person that was pushed to my limit.  The managers at Verizon are too powerful.  They get the freedom to do as they please and the customer is stuck unless they want to take them to small claims court.  A business should not be impossible to work with.  I don't feel Verizon cares about their customers. 

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