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When will US Cellular allow Verizon Users to get 3G or even 4G LTE in Rainelle, WV and Surrounding areas?


I of course happen to be with Verizon, and where i live right now i am under Extended Network with US Cellular. Cannot complain about the service since the tower my phone uses is on the mountain behind my house. 4-5 Bars inside, and a Solid 5 Bars outdoors, and Great Reception. But what i would like to know is in other places i have been to before i would go into extended network and was able to get 3G and even 4G LTE in some spots. But here all you can get is 1X, and or using your own WiFi. Does Verizon have any future plans to put up one of their own towers in my area to where we can get 3G or maybe 4G LTE, and or Does US Cellular have any plans to allow Verizon to use their 3G and 4G LTE in the near future? Because at times i cannot send picture messages, and even in some spots i cannot even use the internet from the 1X, or sometimes it will not even load at all. I really hope that Verizon or someone on here can get back to me regarding any changes or upgrades Verizon and or US Cellular may have for us to get 3G or possibly 4G LTE. 

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