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Huntington Indiana Area is Having an Outage


Several customers in the Huntington, Indiana area do not have service or just patchy service.  Verizon does not seem to be answering why.  This is something that needs looked into and addressed.  This has been going on for over a week now and customers are wanting answers.  Why has the service dropped and will Verizon credit the accounts of those affected by this outage?  Has anyone else had these issues for this amount of time before? Below I will post a few Facebook post by others I know.

Dear Verizon Wireless I have been looking all over the Verizon Wireless web page for an email address to contact customer support or service. I have not been able to find an email address to contact support, only phone numbers. Right now I'm having dropped call and no cell service, but cannot call customer support for these issues due to not having cell service this morning. Please advise of the best way to contact customer support when a phone call is not an option. -Stacy

For everyone having Verizon issues here's what I've found out. I called customer service and they said they didn't see any issues in this area (bull) and had me do a couple things which didn't help at all. Then they passed me on to Apple because I have an iPhone, which clearly isn't the issue. After over an hour on the phone with no results. I went into the Verizon store and there were about 10 other people there saying they didn't have service. The clerk at the store said Verizon keeps giving him the runaround about what's going on and when they will have things working again. He said someone came in and said that a construction company in Allen County hit a fiber optic cable last Monday and they've been having issues ever since. He said the Verizon corporate office keeps telling him that they don't see an outage or anything in the area but he's had 100's of people coming in and complaining about service issues. The Verizon number for questions is 1-800-922-0204. Maybe if enough people call and complain they'll actually do something about it. -Taylor

Doing the online Chat thing with Verizon. If you are having issues with your phone. Please contact them. They are saying they only have 6 issues since Oct 1st and they are all better now. Report your issues, I see the complaints... so report them so we get it fixed. Thanks! - Heidi

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