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Customer Retention MUST not be Verizon's Goal!!!!


I can't believe I am actually sending a complaint email about Verizon. I've had Verizon Wireless service for years and have never had any complaints. The customer service now sucks. You go to the local Verizon store and are typically shot/cut down with we can't assist you, only after waiting to be seen from anywhere to 30-60 minutes. I must say I used to be able to go into a local Verizon Store for anything, phone drops, water damage, charger not working, and would get one-on-one assistance.

You go into a local store now and you are referred to Assurance. Don't get me wrong it's a nice program but when you're paying a fee each month and then have to pay $100 deductible to get a phone that you originally purchased for $100 doesn't seem like it makes much sense. Verizon also doesn't offer early upgrades. Worst idea ever!!!  Now I can't upgrade, if I go to the store they say "we can't help you" and they refer to you at Assurance. Now I'm paying $100, which is how much I originally bought the phone for over a year ago. I've had Verizon service for over 9 years. I asked about getting a
newer phone and the gentleman said if I don't want to do the insurance to get another HTC Thunderbolt, which is what I currently have I can get a Droid DNA phone for $350…LOL. I'd rather term my contract before I spend $350 on a phone that I don't really want. The other thing that sucks is Verizon doesn't even have HTC phones anymore.

I really can't wait until March when my contract is up. I will definitely be taking my phone number somewhere else.

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