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Why does no one care about loyal customers???


I canNOT believe that I have to take this issue to the top of the company!  I ask for one thing after being a customer for more than a decade.  I ordered 3 new phones for them - we decided to keep 2 and exchange the 3rd in this 2 week deceptive no worry time period.  I spoke with customer service over and over ad nauseum.  finally after the time had expired and there was still no resolution - I was told that i had the phone more than 2 weeks.  Of course I had!!!!  I called in almost every day during that allotted period and kept getting passed around to supposed supervisors but really God only knows where.  Finally I was told that I would be getting a new phone via mail and could simply send the original back once it arrived.  After about 1 week I phoned in as the phone had yet to arrive.  All of the sudden there was nothing they could do - who did I speak with - what exactly did they say to you... i explained the entire situation over and over day after day.  I felt pathetic.  But I thought for sure that they would do the right thing.  By this time it had been over a month.  The most frustrating thing - the phone I want to send back was not as nice as the one I ordered.  It had 4G and was brand new - I wanted the iphone 4 not even the 5 just the 4 (that was the make and model of the 2 other in my order)!  I did not realize at the time that the apple version of a phone would benefit me more as being a Special Education teacher all of our equipment is of this company,  I told more than one employee via telephone that I have 2 ipads for my classroom.  They have great apps to serve students with special needs.  Budgets being what they are a few of my assistance allow the children to use their phones so more students can have access.   Even with this they still said no - seriously - NO!  I could not believe it so I headed up the management chain.  I finally stalled when I came in contact with a woman name LUCY!  She lead me on for weeks that she would be able to fix the problems and apologized.  Great, right? NOPE - she finally called back and said she was unable to locate the correct documentation of my phone calls to Verizon and that it was my fault.  She actually blamed me for the poor documentation.  As if what I was supposed to ask them to send me a copy of what they wrote? She then tried to blame it on APPLE and not verizon. I have never been so disgusted.  I am still trying to have them make this right and for the foreseeable will continue to do so.  I dont know why but I actually feel betrayed - like how dare you do this to me - but then thankfully for rational side kicks in reminding me this is just business - bad business - but business.  And now I realize thanks to Lucys pathetic attempts to justify her poor skill at service that I have become nothing but a case number - not even a name.  It is infuriating!  Hundreds of dollars a month for more than a decade - and this is how they treat loyalty.  Who ever if anyone actually reads these - FIX IT!!!

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