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Re: Chaperone Questions




It appears your issue is different then digshep, as another was able to add those codes and get their migo working.


You state "you have family locator but cannot activate it"


That is a different issue as digshep could not get family locator at all.


To be paying for Family Locator, that means they have put a billable feature onto one of your Family Locatee phones, in your case the Migo.


So that brings us to activating your MIGO which is a whole different matter.


To activate the Migo refer to the Family Locator User Guide:


Also here are a few hints to make activating easier.


1: Login with your LOCATOR phone password to; the LOCATOR phone is the account you are using to locate the other device.


2: Then click the red activate button next to the LOCATEE phone (in your case the MIGO).


3: Leave your MIGO on, and in plain view of the satellites in the sky, on a window sill or on your car dashboard would be good places.


4: Then follow the user guide steps for activation.


Please let me know what activation error it is giving you?




.... now as to you having a version of the MIGO prior to Family Locator being loaded onto it... that could be. I would suggest getting a new one from ebay and discussing with the seller if they have used the family locator on their phone or going to a very large and long standing verizon store which might have "version 9".  I see that MIGO launched prior to Chaperone (the old version of Family Locator), so perhaps there were versions that were not compatible.