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How to downgrade my phone plan at the end of the contract?



I had a two years contract with Verizon, and had a plan consisting of 450 minutes talk, 250 Text Messages, and 2G Data plan.

The main reason I took this service was to use the google maps since I used to get lost easily without it. I check some stats

and I found an average usage of 150 min/month, 100 texts/month and Data usage of 1GB/Month. This rate is the highest I have

reached and it happened over the period of May-October 2013. Now, my 2 years contract is over since September, but I am

unable to find the right person to talk to. I would like to reduce my data plan to minimum, and the same for all the other

funciones. However, all the people I have talked to so far are just trying to get me to drown myself in another contract, which I don'y

want. Can anyone help me with some prepaid plan, or a way to mange choose the plan that is suitable for me since I

obviously am underusing the phone, and wasting the money that is not easy to get.

I will really appreciate every serious help.


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