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Re: Silicon Valley, home of the SLOWEST 4G LTE Verizon data speeds


> How is your service now?

Let's check...

Ping: 252ms!

Up:  240Kbps

Down: 90Kbps

So to further answer your question, pretty good if I still lived in the 1990s, otherwise completely unacceptable in modern times.

While getting lunch yesterday at a location 1/2 mile away, I was able to see 45Mbps download speed, so something is really broken near my business location.

> We are constantly improving our customer experiences

Sorry Bobby, but I have to call BS on this statement.  My experience has been that 45 minutes is the minimum time required to report an outage.  Do you think I could stay employed if I made my customers wait in a queue for over 45 minutes in order to tell me that I'm not delivering contractual service to them?  Keep in mind that we can switch carriers faster than it currently takes to report issues.

Lets be honest here, my friends and colleagues have determined that the entire San Francisco Bay Area Verizon data coverage looks like swiss cheese and appears to be long forgotten after the initial LTE roll out.  Large swaths of Cupertino and Los Altos have abysmal data speeds.  Along Hwy 87 are big gaps.  Pockets of San Francisco have sub par coverage.  I could go on and on, but reporting these issues?  Sorry, I simply don't have the time, nor do any of your other customers with your current inadequate support structure.  It's quite silly as your parent site already has a proper solution, www.verizon.com/outage.  If you truly want the most reliable network, make it easy for your customers to report reliability issues to you first. 

The good thing is that when I eventually reach a CSR, they are very professional and courteous.  Clone them please!  [grin]