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Re: Dropped from 6GB of data to 2GB data overnight?


seanj88 wrote:

Hello, yesterday on 11/09/13 I went to the verizon store to upgrade a razr maxx that had been subjected to water. I ended up choosing the LG G2. I previously had the unlimited plan and was told by a store representative that I would receive 6GB of data allowance per month for the same price we had been paying for unlimited. The same day we got the phone the My Verizon app stated that I had used approximately 4GB out of the 6GB I was allowed for that billing cycle. The next morning, today, it said I was 2GB over the 2GB limit in the same application and will be billed accordingly. If any light could be shed on this issue I would appreciate it infinitely, thanks in advance!

It's reflecting your prorated amount depending on when you upgraded your phone and when your billing cycle renews. So for an example on a 6GB plan, your prorated amount is likely 3GB for a mid billing cycle change.  It combines the data from before you switched plans with whatever data you used after you switched so sometimes it looks like you're over.  Supposedly your new bill is suppose to separate the usage under your old plan and usage under your new plan.  As a precaution I called Verizon customer service to make sure I wouldn't be charged for any overages since most of my usage was while I was on an unlimited plan before I switched to the new plan.  I was told I would be charged.  I hope this helps.