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Re: False alerts on Data Usage



Only after spending hours on the phone did I look online and see how many people were having usage issues like I am.  I am at a loss to know what tools I have to defend my position that the information Verizon has provided is faulty. So I am asking for help in this community. So here goes.

a. I am in my 20th day with my new Verizon plan. 

b. My data usage (per the online spreadsheet) is 76 MB less the the usage per the bulletins provided by Verizon.

  (161 MB vs 236 MB) 

c. I copied page by page of the spreadsheet to my own Excel file.............

d. Because first the rep tried to say the the data was being lost when uploaded to a spreadsheet.  

e. After recalculation the totals (they matched), I told him nothing was missing in the transfer. 

f. He kept saying that the usage alerts (on the phone) had the correct amount, and that he would investigate why there was a discrepancy re:the online data.  This seems to be different than what others are hearing.  But the point is, nothing matches.

g. I told him under no circumstances would I pay for overages since I was making every effort to stay within my budget based on my personal account information that they provided.

How can I protect myself here?  I would appreciate any assistance from the community.  Hope to hear from someone more seasoned than I.  Thanks so much.  Bebo

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