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False alerts on Data Usage


I am a new customer and this first month has given me a very negative opinion of Verizon.

We have received multiple text messages, and e-mails, giving us an incorrect percentage of data used.

It has caused both my daughters, and my wife, to not utilize the phones much due to these messages.

I now realize I can check on-line, talked to a representative on Sunday night and was assured they are working on this matter, and can see what the usage actually is.

However, just when I assured everyone not to worry we had plenty of data left and to ignore the 90% alert from Sunday we all now received a message that we are at 100%.

I have the app now for my phone and we have not even met 75% of the data allotment.

My concern is, if this has happened in the past, that Verizon can really suppress data usage by their customers with these alerts.

We have been receiving them since the 1st week in the system with alert after alert.  In fact, they had us at 50% after one week!

Anyway, not impressed and very concerned that I made the wrong choice to switch.

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