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Re: Terrible Customer Service - Letter Sent to VP


All done online - because I purchased the first phone over the phone, they wouldn't let me exchange in a store unless it was a verizon owned store as opposed to a franchse, which is what is all around me (another ridiculous source of frustration). Have all documentation, including the receipt re the replaced device being received by Verizon.

That's originally what I thought the problem was, and where we spent the first 45 min of the convo - but the rep explained noooo, they had all the doc, saw the first phone returned and logged in - it was the system showed that i hadn't accepted T&Cs so "they had to charge me full price" but then acknowedged it was an error.

Utter ** as I outlined in my letter, particularly given the time spent at the time of purchase working thru the T&C issue - they wouldn't activate the phone until i accepted!