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Re: If I call a US number while they are in Montreal, Canada are standard rates applied to our bills?
Líder Sénior

Additional information is below:

  • If you're traveling in Canada, contact Customer Service at 800-922-0204 from any landline phone.
  • Global Picture and Video Messages are billed at the same per-message rate as though they were sent from the U.S. Accordingly, you can send/receive Picture and Video Messages with customers of:
    • Verizon Wireless (domestic rates/bundles apply)
    • Other domestic carriers (domestic rates/bundles apply)
    • Canadian, Mexican and Puerto Rican carriers (domestic rates/bundles apply)
    • Select International carriers (global rates apply) 
  • When sending or receiving there's an additional data transport charge billed at the destination's Data Pay per Use Rate multiplied by the size of the Picture or Video, which can vary greatly.
  • A data network is required to send picture or video outside the U.S. See the Data Roaming List for eligible destinations.
  • Attempts to send Pictures or Videos are charged, even if the delivery fails.
  • Text Messages sent or received while in Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are billed as though you were in the U.S.