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Amen to that brother and sisters.  10 months ago -- a retail store tried to screw me.  Lying that I qualified for buy 1 get 1 free ... the salesman said I would pay for both phones now but get a refund for one later.  The refund never came.  The retail store said there never was such a deal but took the return after I found out the refund was never going to come.  During the return, somehow my numbers got switched!  I lost my phone #!  They had switched my broadband and my phone numbers.  Insane.  So I contacted the company.  They took 2 months to get the issue straightened out with the retail store and then another month to get my money back.  What a hassle.  The worst part was that for the rest of the year -- my plan was messed up.  They never canceled the screw up the retail store did - and even though I returned the equipment they kept charging me for equipment I no longer had.  Recently, I called to disconnect one of our numbers and they said I had to pay an early termination fee.  I've had the line over two years but when I returned the said phones a year earlier -- they kept those phones in the system and marked my contract as starting then.  They wiped out the fact that I've had these phones for years.  Apparently there are over 7 pages of notes on my case.  Everytime I call another agent has to put me on hold for 10 minutes.  And some of them don't understand what happened then.  And still, problems from that first issue last year continue.  I'm done with Verizon.  I'm glad Sprint and Clear are offering great 4G plans at very good prices and Virgin is giving away their 3G broadband Wifi for only $40/mo for UNLIMITED GB.  What a rip-off Verizon is.  I'm glad to be an ex-customer.  John

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