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Re: Friends and Family Pending
Líder Sénior


hark2002 wrote:

I entered 3 Friends and Family phone numbers on my account on 6/28. One was immediately accepted. The other two are still " Request Sent to Account Owner 06/28/2010" . Today is 7/1 so I think the 24 hour period is done.


The "funny" thing is that the one that was accepted states " Request Accepted by Account Owner 04/17/2010" . I did not have a wireless account with Verizon in April.


What is the scoop?


Are you the "Account Owner"?  I see you are on a Family Share 1400 plan (recently added your line?) - that means that all the phones on the plan SHARE the same 10 F&F #'s.  Possibly the first # you entered was already one of the F&F that had been added before your line was on the account; and all 10 are currently assigned, so the other two you entered are not being accepted at this point.


Does any of this sound possible?