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Re: Why is my usage showing so high when I canceled my account?


Hello!  Oh I would love to have this investigated, but was told that it could not be investigated because I using a small data device and they would have to have the device to look through it...  I actually no longer have the device.  I did have it set to log incoming or outgoing.  But this is the problem. The device was only active for 3 days in that billing cycle.  The device was of course protected with WEP  and we only had one computer on our small in house network.  But the device we had did not allow data to flow through it at such a speed.  I was told that 1gig of data had gone thru it on the 2nd at 8:48.  That is just simply not possible.  IMPOSSIBLE.  While we went over a little in the month, it's just not possible for that device to transfer that much data in 3 days.  No matter how much I tried to explain this to the ppl I was talking to when I ended my contract, they were simply not interested in helping me and so you can surely understand my position.  I used to work as a network engineer before I retired and it is very easy to spoof someone's IP address and get myself some free downloads when I know that person is leaving Verizon because they called me ahead of time and asked how much my cancelation fee would be.  And I swear I do not owe this money.  My son was not home during the 3 days and he is the biggest user in the house. the device doesn't handle data that quickly. No one would investigate.  If you would investiage and look into those devices and take note of their top speed and compare to my records you should be able to see something is not right and gladly refund my money.  PLEASE PLEASE figure this out I am retired on disability an can't afford this $60 when all your ppl were so rude they wouldn't even talk about this YOU JUST HAVE TO PAY.  Hence my long and rude blog remark hoping to get attention.  Thank you if you respond. 

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