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Rebates are fraud & customer service is horrible.

The first time I bought this phone in a Verizon shop, the sales rep explained to me how to send in a rebate but he did NOT tell me that I had to cut out the barcode and mail it in. And I'm young, so I haven't really done these rebate things yet to know that I was supposed to do that.

So when I got an email with a tracking number, I checked it out and it told me that my rebate was invalid. So I call verizon, and again, they did not tell me to cut the barcode out. My rebate said I was missing proof of purchase and I asked if a receipt would do, and the guy said yes, it would. He also sent me a rebate form in SPANISH. My last name clearly illustrates I am not spanish. So I go into a verizon shop, and this time another guy finally tells me how to do it correctly.

SO I mail in everything he told me to mail in, including the barcode, and Verizon sends me this little card saying that my rebate was STILL missing proof of purchase. I STAPLED the barcode to all the documents that I sent in!

I call the rebate center and there was this woman with an annoying indifferent commercial voice, talking like she was already ready to tell me my rebate was never going to happen.

I will never be buying a phone with a rebate from Verizon again. My parents once did a rebate from them and it was successful, but that was a long time ago. The second time we had to get a rebate from them failed.

Also I know I'm not the only one in this position after seeing all the failed rebate attempts on this forum

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