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We could use a VZAccess Manager overhaul.....


I haven't used VZAccess Manager since I dropped my unlimited data 3G USB720 in 2008, but now I'm back with the VL600... Suffice it to say I'm disappointed that literally NOTHING has changed about the VZAccess Manager program, save small UI adjustments.

In particular, I'm finding texting almost impossible- I can't import contacts from Google, only Outlook (which, come on, nobody uses), when texting multiple people, the UI is a complete mess, all texts from everyone I'm texting, both sent and received, are in one big list, and the character limit (which, mind you, was lifted on all Verizon cell phones a ways back) means I have to hassle through to create a new message and finish what I was saying. Just as well, auto complete in the "To:" box would be great, in addition to the dropbox system.

It is unfortunate that there are not any alternatives from a third-party, I would gladly buy a program that would have all of the features I think are missing in VZAccess Manager..

Care to share your thoughts on VZAccess Manager? Post below!

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