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Issues after upgrade

My wife and I upgraded to an unlimited plan as I am traveling a lot for work now. After we changed plans, our signal strength has plummeted on both of our devices regardless of our location. I've called customer service or have chatted with agents around 10 times and they give me the run around and fail in their attempts to assist me.

I was sent to a couple tech coaches who made me check our device settings on every device on my account. Another's  solution was saying my plan doesn't prioritize my data I have to pay more which is ridiculous as my limited data plans were faster even when I ran out of LTE. Another's explanation was that a cell tower on the other side of Texas was down, which was better than the well your towers in the area must be congested, it should speed up at 1:00am.

Finally, I capitulated and against my better judgment upgraded from Start Unlimited to Do More Unlimited to have 50g of unthrottled data but my signal and bandwidth is still trash. Nothing changed. I drove around the city running errands and checked my phone the entire time and the bandwidth is no more than 5mbps at best, and all my calls sound like I'm talking to the big 2 legged robot from the Robocop movies.

My family has had verizon for like 20 years, and I created my own account when I got married like 6 years ago and NEVER had one issue before upgrading my plan. I'm not an unreasonable guy. I'm not a wiseguy. However, I am someone who expects they should have cellular internet faster than the dial up they grew up with for $2200+ a year in line fees in the year 2020.

It's just our account, my neighbor's with Verizon are living the life enjoying themselves on satisfactory bandwidth and signal strength...

If I can't get this resolved, I'm taking my entire family and company account elsewhere. I want to stay Verizon.

Verizon? Anyone? Help us please!!!

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