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Re: New Verizon Visa credit card for Auto Pay


I have some specific questions about this New Verizon Visa Card offer I received in the mail.

1. I already subscribe to Go Unlimited for three lines and receive military discount of $40 for the entire package (I am a military veteran). 

2. In the fine print on the back of the Verizon Visa mail flyer, it says it's for "first time enrollees." I am already enrolled for paperless billing and AutoPay via another credit card. Does this make me ineligible for the $10 per line per month discount if I enroll in AutoPay with the Verizon Card?

3. If I am ineligible based on #3 above, can I simply disenroll from AutoPay now, apply for the card, then re-enroll for AutoPay using the New Verizon Visa? Specifically: I am permanently ineligible, or is there an ineligibility exclusion period, such as: I should be disenrolled from autopay for one year, or other period of time?

4. When does the Application offer expire?