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Re: I got screwed by the Verizon store and now noone will help! Thanks Verizon.


Yes, you're correct. They did buy the account from the previous carrier. But I have to disagree with you. When my phone has always worked inside my house in the past, and then after an upgrade it magically doesn't, that isn't my fault. Now, had Verizon said to me at the time of my upgrade that with the new device I may experience some reception issues due to the differences between my current phone and the upgraded model, I may have reconsidered and walked away while it was still free of charge to do so. Now I'm in a more difficult position. But it's all good. I'll figure something out. I'm not misinformed at all, my friend. I expect a certain level of service. When that level of service (coverage, not customer service) changes, I have the right to ask questions and try and figure out what has changed and why things are now different. My bill has increased in dollar amount since the upgrade, my unlimited data plan was taken away, and I've been through three phones. At one point I was without a cell for 3 weeks while they processed the return of the iPhone 4S and then sent me out the Galaxy S3. All the while I have paid the bill on time as I always do without any complaining. I don't feel like I'm being unreasonable here. I need a cell that works indoors and out. If that's a problem for Verizon, or somehow doesn't fall within the parameters of what they're capable of, then we both need to move on. I'm just not sure why I have to be the only one to pay to do so.