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Re: Promotional Discount Not Honored... Is this legal?

Líder Sénior

@Maegena wrote:

Same thing happened to me with an upgrade. was told if I enrolled the two current lines on a new two year contract    2 year contract, or device payments?  It is not unusual for retention to offer a two-year contract, which means you purchase devices at a reduced price upfront. That would not qualify you for any of the buy one get one deals which required device payments.  A two-year contract purchase would have been a substantial amount upfront, no installments on your bill, and therefore no credits would've been issued

(previous contract was up and fulfilled) that we would qualify for a BOGO offer.   Every buy one get one, or discounted phone deal requires a new line (phone number) For the discounted or free phone.  You cannot upgrade to existing lines and get a free phone.

Now the devices are almost paid off and we have never seen a credit (not that it would have mattered because we were locked into a new two year agreement as soon as we ordered the phones). Now Verizon is basically calling me a liar because there is no record of the conversation on my account. So once my devices are paid on full I will be looking for a new carrier. 
please make a point to read agreements that are published online, including all the fine print or you will repeat this with your next carrier in a couple of years. There is always something in it for the carrier in order to offer you discounted equipment.