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Re: Promotional Discount Not Honored... Is this legal?

Líder Sénior

@LADonF wrote:

Same thing.  New phone (actually THREE new phones).  Switched two of them to new line.  Within the 'promotional period'.  All rules met.  And yet they still say I am 'ineligible', after sending copies of all receipts to prove it.  Do not believe any promotion mentioned.  They will do all they can to dishonor it.

 What do you mean by “switched two of them to new line”? 

 To be eligible for a buy one get one deal you have to purchase the discounted or free phone on the new line.  Line must be brand new to Verizon.  Moved to your account from within Verizon is not new. Switching out and back in under 60 days is not new.