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Re: Unlimited data


No, you are not. 


The device whether it is a USB modem or Jetpack is connecting your computer to the Verizon Wireless network as a connection to the device's hotspot feature. Generally the unlimited plans are restricted to 15 GB of LTE high speed hotspot data before you are slowed down to 3G speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle. The 22 GB usage is the deprioritization limit for smartphones that connect directly to the Verizon Wireless network and the 15 GB LTE hotspot data counts towards the 22 GB deprioritization limit. 

There are other plans that have different LTE hotspot data usage limits. You should review the plans available to see if they meet your needs and budget. You can also look at moving the USB modem or Jetpack to a separate plan that is a tiered data plan. You would get the full data limit for your computer, but be aware if you exceed the plan limit you will be charged for the overage unless that plan allows for a Safety Mode which slows the data speeds to 128 kbps for the remainder of the billing cycle after reaching the plan's data limit. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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