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Re: No love for loyal customers

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Psssst,  someone right now is complaining about the same thing on another carrier's site while looking at Verizon to switch to. The Pixel line usually goes on sale for several hundred off all the time, deals exist if you look for them.


What people usually complain about the most are things like BOGO deals or discounted equipment for new lines of service. If you had a typical $20 a month line, that's $240 extra for service for a new line you may not need ($960 if we're talking Go Unlimited at $40 a month!). That same can be used on upgrading your existing line. Considering my GFs Pixel was $10 a month from a holiday sale and our plan is 36.66 per line for unlimited on a former Alltel account -- I can't say the "no love for existing" with a straight face.