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Re: Warning: Don't Use Trade-In Program


Wow so many people are going through the same problems.
This exact thing just happened to me too. I ordered the Galaxy S10 5G during the pre-order promotion period where they offered $450 for an iphone 7 plus trade-in. My phone was in perfectly working condition and had no cracks on the screen whatsoever. I received an email today from Verizon saying the exact same thing for the adjustment rationale and reduced the final offer price down to $120. "Screen was unresponsive or had cracks".

After talking to few Verizon reps online, I had no option but to file a BBB complaint. They all said that $120 is the final offer and I can't get my phone back because the trade-in program is irreversible. 

This sounds like a bait and switch scam.

Is there any class action lawsuit regarding this matter?