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Re: Verizon Needs to Implement Anti-Robo-Caller

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Community Manager

UltimateCodeWarrior, I'm sorry that you keep receiving unwanted calls. I'm not a fan of pesky calls either. Robocalls are something that unfortunately is becoming way too common. These robocalls are not affiliated in any way with Verizon Wireless. Our Verizon Call Filter ( ) is a great app at recognizing/screening unwanted calls. You will receive a 10-day free trial to try it out. We do have some other recommendations that may curb the annoying calls. We suggest that you register on the National Do Not Call Registry If you are not having success with our Call Filter feature, you can look for a possible 3rd party app that may have the blocking/screening capabilities that you're looking for. One other thing you may want to do is file a complaint with the FCC. Here's their link Lastly, I know that changing your number isn't the most favorable option, but it might be something to consider. You can do that for free right from your My Verizon account I am confident that at least one of my suggestions will help.