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Verizon Needs to Implement Anti-Robo-Caller


   Why can't carriers stop unwanted calls?    If a call is comming from a number on network A, why isn't there some sort of check before your phone is rung on network A or network B to make certain that that number on network A did indeed dial your phone number.   If it's a spoofed number, don't ring the phone, but present the caller with a recording telling them that phone abuse is not permitted.   Allow customers to select whether or not to recieve phone calls from networks which do not support caller verification.   Caller ID is worthless.  Then you will see widespread adoption of this.    Need some sort of blockchain to stop unwanted calls.   If they do get through, then there is accountability.    I mean how many carriers in the US would have to be on-board with this, maybe 5-10 max?   Doesn't seem to be too big of a technological problem.   Once there is accountability, then all you would have to do is press a button on your phone, this was an "Unwanted Call" and as soon as someone gets 10 or 20 hits, they are yanked off the network.   

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