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Re: Calls going straight to voicemail


I have an S9 plus and before that I had an S6. I have been having issues with calls going straight to voicemail even when I had an S6. Verizon has troubleshooted changed out sim cards they have checked do not disturb you name it it's been tried. Just last night I'm sitting here with my phone and I get a voicemail which means the phone never rang. I dial the phone from my home phone and it went straight to voicemail. Once I restarted the phone, the phone works with no problems. This is clearly a network issue! There are so many post about it all over the Internet for Verizon. Why is it that this cannot be corrected? You pay to be on Verizon as it being one of the best networks that we believe it to be but yet this isn't taken as a priority. I've been with Verizon for over 12 years and I've always said these type of issues happen with other carriers not Verizon but now I see Verizon is no different, so why pay this money when you can go to a cheaper carrier. I'm a person that I don't believe in wasting money and at this point I've come to the conclusion I'm wasting money for a service that's doing no different than there competitors.

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