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If you run your business from your home, I can't fathom the reason why you don't have a land line for the calls to and from the business. Then, when you left, you could easily forward the calls from the land line to the mobile phone.

Plus, I am sure you're using a smartphone. That means it is most likely capable of WiFi calling. You should enable that. It doesn't cost any extra money. I am assuming that since you are running a business from your cell phone that is isn't a 5 year old device.

Verizon is working on VoLTE and phasing out CDMA. With CDMA, towers didn't need to be so close to provide coverage. That technology has a longer range. Also, you don't know if the lease on a tower near you has run out and if Verizon is having a hard time renewing it or finding another location close by.

Landscape changes could also prevent the signal from reaching you.

What phone do you have? If you're using an Android you should switch it to LTE/CDMA instead of Global. This usually improves the connection. However, if you don't want to try any of the suggestions to remedy it because you think that ALL of the fault is Verizon's, feel free to find another carrier that suits your needs. Maybe, after 20 years, Verizon is not the best for what you need any longer. That is OK.