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Líder Sénior

1.   This is the community, not a direct pipeline to Verizon.  2 days and only other customers responding should make that clear enough.

2.   If you work from home, you have wifi and unless your phone is a dinosaur (in cellphone years) you probably have a wifi calling capable phone.

3.  There is a good reason cell phone signal isn't what it used to be.  In 2014 an estimated 41% of households had no landline anymore.  As of this year more than 50% of Americans have dropped landlines.  Simply put, we are competing for air time.  In the landline days we might have got the 'circuits are busy' buzz tone. 

  Using home wifi for service takes a lot of the load off the cell carrier and should provide clear calls.

So if your phone isn't wifi calling capable, it's time to upgrade.   Call it a business expense