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How do I file a complaint against a store and a phone rep?


I have had the most aggravating experience trying to add a phone. I went into the Boca Park store in Las Vegas on Charleston asking to add a business phone and the rep at the door said to switch my account to a business line and it would only cost $25 a month. We started the process and because it was Sunday they couldn't complete the transfer. So I went back Monday to complete the transfer and and as I was signing I noticed it would be $100 more. Thats NOT what the rep said it would cost. I said let's go back to my personal account and add a line for $20. The rep Daniel said no problem "what are you using the phone for?" I said "my business is a startup that launches in a year so I just need a basic phone with no internet. Just to take calls"So he gave me a phone and when signing the paperwork I noticed it was $60 not $20 and I signed.

A few days later I called back because I don't want to pay that amount and I didn't want to go in the store as I felt I was continuously lied to about the prices. The guy I spoke with Terence said he would send me a $14 a month phone and I would send back the original phone. Its now a week later and I haven't received anything and I am on the phone with Lisa in Alpharetta and she is the only one who is honest. She told me my plan has a $70 additional phone line cost. So far she is the only employee who says the truth about how things are and gave me a few credits to my bill.

I'm extremely annoyed and upset that I have been constantly lied to, the actual cost are hidden, and actions never completed. Lisa was extremely helpful but now I have to go Boca Park store and request to return the phone which I am now out of the 14-day window because I was waiting for the more expensive phone that Terence was supposed to send. This is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer experience on the part of the store and Terrance. If they don't take my phone back I am going to T-Mobile because Verizon doesn't deserve my business.

Please hire more people like Lisa and fire the incompetent ones. Please allow for the return of this second phone which I was lied to over and over and over about.

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