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Re: Can non-deleted (still saved) text messages be recovered from VZW with a Judge's Court Order?


I have almost the same problem. I need the texts on my phone for a legal suit, but when I went to Verizon they said they could not transfer them from my phone to computer/paper. Then of course a week later the display portion of my phone broke and now I am pretty much (since I have to keep my language clean on here I'll just say) done. The odd thing is, my phone is a flip phone, and the top part came off but I got it back on. However the display just showed black, but the bottom half still works. So why can't they do something with it. I was told by Verizon that they could not fix it and by the manufacturer that they might be able to fix it, but they automatically erase all memory on the phone before they try to repair anything, which of course completely defeats the purpose. I need those the texts, but I also lost all of my pictures too. So OatisBeansworth if you or anyone else find out anything will you please post it. Thank you. Oh, my phone is an LGVX 8350.