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Texting Overage Charges with no texting plan


I've looked all over and all over the fine print and my account information and I'm stumped.  I got a text from Verizon saying that I was close to incurring overage charges on my text messaging.  I have the Nationwide Basic 450 plan with no texting plan for .20+ sending/receiving which I'm fine with because I don't text all that much.  My usage says I've sent/received 51 texts for the month and that I'm close to incurring overage charges.  I don't know what these overage charges could possibly be, if they even exist for my plan, or what my monthly allotment is for a non-existent texting plan.


I suspect this message was sent to me in error, but the usage bar on my account page is almost full and there's no fine print about a monthly texting fee past 25 cents/text that I can see, and my account details show no monthly allotment.  If you can, please help.

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