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Re: Restore Texts??

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vvv wrote:

Does anyone have a sample subpeona to retreive data, know the process or cost?  Gracias.

I got this information from--->Subpoenas



Who can issue a subpoena ONLY the Court Administrator or an attorney can issue a subpoena. If you are representing yourself (pro se) and you want to get a subpoena, talk to your court administrator.


How do you get a subpoena?


Each court has its own steps to get a subpoena. You can get a subpoena in person at the courthouse or sometimes by mail. There is a cargo. Talk to your court administrator to learn their steps.

Usually, you will need the following information:

  1. court file number
  2. names of parties in the case
  3. name of person requesting subpoena(s) with their phone number
  4. purpose of the subpoena:
    - witness to appear at hearing/trial or deposition with the date and time
    - production of documents
  5. a copy of the Notice of Taking Deposition and proof of service on all parties in the case
  6. name of assigned Judge (if known)
  7. number of subpoenas you need
  8. subpoena fee 
    (if you cannot afford to pay the fee, you may qualify for a fee waiver)