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Re: unlimited text to verizon plan

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mintybacon wrote:

i had 300 texts and i started texting alot to my friend thinking that i had unlimited to verizon (but i didnt) and she has her's under alltel but they switched and she has to do every thing threw verizon's web site if that makes any difference. but after getting the $50 bill i made sure i got the free verizon to verizon texting for $10 and im now wondering if i can text her now with out getting a bill because of it. i KNOW that she can text me cause she has the same sorta in-network unlimited text and she called alltel/verizon and found that it counts towards verizon but when i asked yahoo some one told me that verizon is strictly verizon only even though alltel is verizon and alltel people have to file their plans threw the verison web page

Use this tool to check the number(s) in question.  If they come up as IN NETWORK, then it will count as M2M and will be unlimited.  If they are out of network, then it will come out of your texting allowance.