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Re: Message+ Windows PC app still Broken HELP PLEEEEESE! Verizon is blockin receiving s on my PC!


Hello GeorgeS_VZW,

I really appreciate that this is actively being worked on!!

FYI as far as I can see, the app has not been "suspended", it is still doing what it has been doing.  Also I think that I previously explained, I was using the web feature, until this app came partially back.  The web feature has other issues that make me not want to use it.

As to what is currently happening:  Both the web feature and the PC app have the same problem, which is that when I send a message, it never shows up in Message+ on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone as having been sent from me.  Therefore my phone ends up having only 1/2 of conversations.  I text from the web feature or app, a person replies to me, and I only see their reply.  This previously worked perfectly, for many years!

[Starting some months ago and up until several weeks ago, the PC app had ceased from syncing entirely -- while the web feature would work except it had the bug that I just described.]