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Re: Message+ Windows PC app still Broken HELP PLEEEEESE! Verizon is blockin receiving s on my PC!


Clearly Verizon does not understand the importance!  Back in mid-August I contact a Verizon rep and we spoke at length  about this, she opened a ticket (I may have scribbled the number somewhere, cannot find it now, her name was Juanita).

I started to login to my account and use Text Online, which at least was being refreshed with incoming messages.  But it was incredibly frustrating when it would quietly log me out, and not knowing, I would type in a message and then the entire thing would be lost.

Some weeks ago the PC app started to once again pick up current messages. HOWEVER ANY MESSAGE I TYPE INTO THE PC NEVER SHOWS UP ON MY PHONE!

I tried using the Google provided Messages app, it did not do all that I wanted.  I tried to update my phone to pick up the missing messages by restoring from the cloud.  Yeah I got them, but I THEN HAD TWO OF ALL THE MESSAGES I ALREADY HAD ON MY PHONE!  WHAT A MESS!!!

I pay top $$dollars$$ for Verizon.  Unlike many providers Verizon still does not give me international access to my call, text & data, unless I pay steep $$fees$$ for it (so I have to mess with other carriers SIM cards -- which then causing me to lose all the recent messages, and people can't reach me since I don't have my US#).

These problems are inexcusable.  Stop asking people for more information, this has been reported so many times already, and clearly there are people doing something with it.  Get this fixed already!!

Maybe you don't care Verizon, but I get closer and closer to jumping ship when you provide such terrible support and service for such high prices.