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verizon message plus


fought again with verizon message plus for 2 days trying to get it to sync and work. look. if you have google chrome please do not waste your time with any verizon junk, here. just install google messaging (messages for the web) on your phone and PC, scan the QR code and it will do exactly what you've wanted all along. all of your messages will elegantly appear, all of them, and you can just work with them as needed. i wouldn't even bother with trying to have contacts or anything with verizon. even trying to navigate thru their site for answers only throws you from one, self glorifying pile of non-answers to another..... they have become just like microsoft.... a bunch of junk that doesn't work but runs you thru days of false, non answers to lead you down an endless trail of lies. just load your contacts and everything to google only and use it.... google, here, blows verizon out of the water right away....