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Re: Message+ Windows PC app still Broken HELP PLEEEEESE! Verizon is blocking my receiving messages on my PC!!!!!!!


This PC VERSION IS BROKEN!  Stop horsing around and FIX-IT!  It hasn't been updated for 3 YEARS the App is a dang-a-sour!!!!  ALOT OF US COUNT ON IT AND NEED IT!  I have a cell phone account with unlimited data and use, I live at Medina, ND and my phone is always jumping from 1 bar to "No Service", I don't get the unlimited use the way it is.  If my phone rings and I answer, Verizon hangs up on my caller for "no service".  I NEED THIS PC VERSON TO WORK!  AND I NEED IT TO SYNC WITH MY VERIZON MESSAGES, NOT MY VERIZON CELL PHONE THAT HAS "NO SERVICE" HALF THE TIME.  Not to mention it's just was wonderful to be able to get/send my texts while working on my PC, and being able to use a normal keyboard for texting too!   FIX-IT, IT IS BROKEN, STOP TELLING US TO DELETE IT, REINSTALL THIS DIANSOUR, AND ALL THE OTHER BLAH, BLAH THAT DON'T WORK.....FIX-IT SO IT WORKS AGAIN!!!