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Alternative Applications to the Message Application


I'm looking for an alternative application to use in replacement of this Verizon Messaging app.

The Messaging app is easily one of my favorite web/mobile dual interface, synced applications (everything Google, Trello, ...).  It's also by far, the most underachieving, frustrating and unsupported application I've ever seen in my 25+ years in the technology industry.  It leads me to believe Verizon

  1. doesn't know how to develop and support enterprise applications. 
  2. or, the application doesn't provide business value for Verizon and they'd prefer to sunset it.
  3. or, they know this is the only option for dual web/mobile synced messaging interface for Verizon customers, and as a monopoly, they see no need to fix the lingering issues.

Either way, I'd prefer to move on to another platform that supports dual web/mobile synced messaging.  Let me know if anyone has come across anything that supports similar functionality and is better supported than Verzon messaging ... which shouldn't be hard to do.