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Re: Message Plus not syncing with windows 10


Thank you Verizon Team for finally providing all of us with an explaination to the broken desktop app and the suggestion of the temporary work around via the website app.

As has been reported by many of us using the website app work around, the website "TIMEOUT" is an issue. I often become aware that it has timed out when I hear the notification on my cell phone but not the computer because I keep a tab pinned but not visible in my brower.  How hard would it be to extend the "TIME OUT" time for the just the website app or maybe even code some options in that would allow the user the ability to select a specific amout of time to stay logged in, e.g. 8 hours for a work day, or "until I log out", on the log in page, at least until your team is able to fix the desktop app. I am not a coder, so I don't have any idea how hard it would be to do what I have suggested. It is just thought that might calm the crowd so you can focus on fixing something that so many of us have come to depend DAILY. We really need and want this to work again.

Even though so many are frustrated, I am sure everyone is grateful to learn that it is being worked on and we all will be even more grateful when it is restored and working like it did before mid July.